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Early Years Foundation Stage

                         Welcome to the Early Years Foundation Stage!


Foundation Stage Teacher

Mrs S Smith


Teaching Assistant

Miss H Buckingham


All EYFS staff are happy to discuss your child's progress and welfare at any time.


Kindergarten and Reception together form  the Foundation Stage Unit.   Much of the learning is organised around themes or topics.  All Foundation Stage children will follow the same topics and there will be times of the day where activities will be mixed, alongside times that are dedicated to activities specific to the age and needs of different groups of children. 


Kindergarten is where most children begin their journey at The White House School.  Here pupils are encouraged to learn and develop through planned, purposeful play and through a mix of adult-led and child-initiated activities.  Staff ensure that all seven areas of learning and development are covered (current EYFS requirements) and that each pupil's progress is regularly assessed and recorded in an individual and personal Learning Journal. 


We deliver the seven areas of the EYFS curriculum in Reception through a mixture of formal and informal activities. You will find some information about the work we cover in class near the classroom door and a newsletter dedicated to Reception will be given out at the end of each week detailing what your child has been learning in class that week and offering suggestions as to how you can build on this at home. If you need more information please speak to a member of the Reception staff. 


Foundation Stage children are included in many whole-school activities, such as Language Week, the Christmas Nativity Play, Sports Day or even visits from touring theatre companies.


The children are given regular outdoor playtime and have their own store of outdoor toys as well as being able to enjoy the gym facilities in the school hall.


EYFS children are asked to bring a bottle of water in every day and a piece of fruit for their snack.  Kindergarten children are offered free school milk.


We hope your child will have an enjoyable time in the EYFS.




Welcome to The White House School!


We hope you have all had a lovely summer and are ready for the new school year.


Our main topic this term will be 'All About Me'. In addition to these, our mini-topics will include 'Harvest and Autumn' and 'Christmas'.

Previously in Foundation Stage .....

Summer Term 2021


Welcome back after the Easter holiday.


We are looking forward to the Summer Term where we have lots of fun activities planned around our two main topics -  'Growing' and 'Minibeasts'. The children have enjoyed coming back after the break to see our bulbs that have now flowered. They look so colourful and are a sure sign of spring. We have been busy planting potatoes this week. They have planted them into two tubs. One tub has been planted by the children in Kindergarten and the other by the children in Reception. We will dig them up at the end of term and count them to see which class has grown the most.


What a great time we had on our school trip to Weston Park. It may have rained a bit but it didn't spoil our fun.

What a great Sport's Day we had in the sunshine. Well done to all the children. They were fantastic and had lots of fun. For more photos of Sport's Day, please see the Gallery page.

The children in Kindergarten have been growing sunflowers. They have now taken them home to plant them somewhere sunny and watch them grow really tall.

The children in Reception have been growing beans. We have now planted them in one of the pots outside. We can't wait for them to grow so we can cook and eat the beans.

The children have enjoyed watch tadpoles change into frogs. We now have lots of tiny frogs which are ready to be taken back to the pond they came from.

This week we have welcomed some caterpillars into the classroom. We are looking forward to watching them change into butterflies.

Spring Term 2021


Happy New Year!


We will start the term by thinking about the changes we can see in our local environment now it is winter. After the first few weeks we will move on to our main topic of the half term, 'Chinese New Year'. Our main topic after half term will be 'Under the Sea'. Alongside these main topics, work will also focus on special dates throughout the term including Shrove Tuesday, Mothering Sunday and Easter.

Easter Fun

The children had lots of fun making Easter bunny hats before going on an Easter egg hunt.

We hope you enjoy our Easter celebration performance! Please check your email for the link to the video.

                                                              World Book Day

Chinese New Year

The children in Kindergarten have been learning about shapes. They have been using these to make shape Chinese dragons. They have also had fun using chopsticks to count out a given number of objects into a bowl.
The children have enjoyed working in groups to make their own large Chinese dragons. We think they look great!
The children in Reception have been busy making Chinese drums, writing their names in Mandarin and making dragon masks.

Autumn Term 2020


Welcome to the new school year. Whilst things may be a little different, we have lots of fun activities planned for the children this term. Our main topic this term is 'Journeys'. We will also have some mini topics running throughout the term which include Harvest, Our Family and Christmas.



We have been making the most of the nice weather, playing outside and getting to know our new friends.


The children in Reception have been talking about what they have been doing during the holidays. They then painted a picture of something they had enjoyed doing and these have been displayed in the classroom.


The children in Kindergarten have been painting pictures of themselves. They then enjoyed telling us about all the of their favourite things that they like to do.


In class we have read the book 'The Magic Balloon' and made our own magic balloons. We are going to use our imaginations and enjoy our own trip around the world in our 'magic balloons'.


First stop was Kenya, where we based lots of our work around 'Mama Panya's Pancakes' and 'Handa's Surprise. 


The children had fun making baskets.


After Africa, we pretended to get back in our 'magic balloon', and came back to the UK so we could see all the changes happening in Autumn.


The Reception children have made animals from leaves.


The children in Reception have made scarecrows and leaf animals for their display on Autumn. They have also had fun investigating mixing paints to make autumnal colours for the leaves to put on the tree. 


The children in Kindergarten have also been investigating mixing paints to make autumnal colours. They used these to make their own autumnal tree for our display.






Previously in Early Years .....

Summer Term 2020


Welcome back to a very different Summer Term. Whilst we have not been able to come in to school, the children have been having lots of fun with their Home Learning. The topic for this half term is 'Growing'. Here are a few pictures of things the children have been doing.





They have been continuing to learn their letters and their numbers.





Lots of our work has been based around planting different seeds and watching them grow. The children have been helping to look after them to make sure they grow healthy and strong. We have looked at lots of different books with plants and seeds in them including Supertato, Jack and the Beanstalk, Cinderella and The Princess and the Pea. All of our work this term has been based around these books.




Look how much their beanstalks have grown in a few weeks. They are now ready for planting in a larger pot before being transferred to a vegetable bed outside.

Spring Term


Happy New Year!


We hope you have all had a lovely Christmas break and are ready for the term ahead.

We have lots of fun activities planned around our new topics

'Winter', 'Spring Festivals' and 'Pirates'.




We had great fun celebrating World Book Day. Here are a few of our children in their costumes with their favourite books.




On Well-Being Day, we made 'Masks of Courage' to help us be brave.





We had lots of fun celebrating Chinese New Year. We made dragons and lanterns and wrote our names in Mandarin. In PE, we enjoyed playing the drums to Chinese music whilst others performed a ribbon dance

and a dragon parade. We also made a palace for the Emperor whilst learning about 3D shapes.

The parents were invited to our joint assembly with Class 1 and see all of the lovely things we had been

doing over the last few weeks.




This term we are thinking about the season 'Winter'. The children have been thinking about what weather

we see during this season. They have also been learning about what happens to the animals during winter.

We have learnt how some birds stay in our country all year round but also, that some birds migrate.

We have talked about how we can help feed the birds in winter.

The children have had fun bird watching and recording the birds they have seen. 




Welcome to The White House School!


We hope you have all had a lovely summer and are ready for your first term.


Our main topic this term will be 'All About Me'. In addition to these, our mini-topics will include 'Harvest and Autumn' and 'Christmas'.


We had lots of fun at Christmas. Here we are enjoying our Christmas lunch.



We had a lovely time at the local library where we were involved in a workshop about the book, 'The Cave'.




We enjoyed our walk to look for signs of Autumn.





Reception children had a great trip to Weston Park where we found out all about toys from the past. When we got back to school we compared the toys we had played with on our trip to the toys we play with now.  We found lots of similarities and differences.