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Welcome to Class 6!


Year 6 is an important year in any school but here, at The White House, Class 6 is very special.  The children develop and mature enormously during this final year, relishing their positions of responsibility and the chance to demonstrate what they have achieved during their time with us.  They become role models for younger children.  Their confidence grows as they enjoy the challenges that the year brings and look forward to transition to Secondary school.

During this year we will develop our love of reading, improve our communication through speaking & listening and writing, extend our mathematical knowledge and explore many new areas of study.

These include, among other things, Ancient Greece, plate tectonics & volcanoes, mapping skills (including 4 and 6 figure grid references), aspects of French life, aspects of Judaism and Christianity, app inventing, the science of light, electricity and a myriad of other engaging and lively topics.  Through both curricular and extra-curricular activities the children will extend their knowledge of Music and Drama and engage with a wide range of sporting and artistic activities.

The children will learn both about the world around them and about themselves and their place in it.  The Class 6 team is dynamic, caring, enthusiastic and strong! 

Class 6 Maths - Back to school after lockdown - Terrific Tessellations

Class 6 Maths - Back to school after lockdown - Finding the hypotenuse and shorter sides of right-angled triangles, using Pythagoras' Theorem

Class 6 Maths - Back to school after lockdown - Constructing Polygons

Nothing Great is Easy - a quotation from Shropshire-born Matthew Webb, the first person to swim the English Channel. During lockdown, Class 6 children were challenged to write a poem based on this quotation. It could be about Matthew Webb, or some other great achievement, either well-known or personal.

For History and whilst learning at home, Class 6 have been finding out about World War 2 rationing. They have researched wartime recipes, had a go at making them and created a character called Potato Penny to persuade people to eat more potatoes. (June 2020)

Class 6 children based a lot of their Maths work on the VE Day anniversary during the Spring Term.

Simple line symmetry
Line symmetry
Line symmetry (4 quadrants)
Lne symmetr (4 quadrants)
Co-ordinates picture
Co-ordinates picture

Whilst working from home, for History, Class 6 have been finding out about the children who were evacuated. They have been following lists given to evacuees and packed a suitcase! (May 2020)

Whilst working from home, for History, Class 6 have been building Morrison shelters and deciding which items they would keep inside them (May 2020)

Whilst working from home, Class 6 have been making World War 2 gas masks and experiencing what it would have been like to carry one around with you (April 2020).

Whilst working from home, Class 6 have been researching World War 2 aircraft and using their findings to create Top Trumps cards (March 2020).

Safer Internet Day - some avatars designed when thinking about our online identity

Class 6 Debate on Climate Change during UK Parliament Week

It starts with YOU!
Learning about how Parliament works
The Palace of Westminster
We elected a Speaker and dragged him to his chair.
Lots of statistics to persuade the listeners
Speaking in the debate.
Information about electric cars
A passionate contribution
What about the wildlife?
I firmly believe......
Presenting my research
The vote
Democracy in action
Announcing the vote.  The motion was defeated.

Wearing Red to Show Racism the Red Card

Our Assembly about Sight - October 2019

Demnstrating how the eye works
The image is inverted on the retina
The work of Dr Patricia Bath
Guide dogs for the blind
Guide dogs for the blind
The work of blind artist, John Bramblitt
The work of blind artist, John Bramblitt
We tried to paint by touch, without sight
Our 'touch only' pictures
Did you know that Monet was visually impaired?

A Plague of Frogs! A Class 6 RE Lesson - Spot the Frog

Class 6 visit to North Shropshire Safety Scene

Road & Traffic Safety
Finding out about the dangers of electricity
Road dangers
What to do n an emergency
Be careful near water
River & canal safety
The dangers near trains
Firework safety
Dangers in the home
Look out for electricity substations
Water awareness
Check breathing in an emergency
Take care with sparklers
Kitchen dangers
Building resilience and confidence
How many volts?
Spot the dangers near water
Preparing for the recovery position
Previously in Class 6 ..........

Class 6 went to Weston Park to find out about life in Britain during World War 2.

Class 6 celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing at our recent Open Morning

Going for a spacewalk
Marshmallow Constellations
The rocket was covered in our poetry
Planetary icosahedra

A selection of emotions which might flood over us if we had been on the Apollo 11 mission...

Class 6 enjoyed a fabulous and very busy trip to Techniquest with Class 3. We loved the interactive displays,a Science show about Forces and a workshop about DNA. We even had a go at extracting our own DNA!(March 2019)

Class 6 presented a fabulous Assembly for British Science Week - complete with a live interactive museum and quiz!

Einstein pauses for thought
Sir Isaac Newton
Information about Pasteur
Je suis Madame Curie
Da Vinci - A scientist and an artist!
Mary Anning - a Victorian palaeontologist
Edward Jenner
British chemist, Rosalind Franklin
Life on Planet Earth
Chinese scientist Zhang Heng
Inventor of the World Wide Web
The Living Museum
Quiz questions
Einstein and Hawking conclude our assembly

Author & Illustrator Helen Bate visited Class 6 to talk about her book 'Peter in Peril'.

Helen Bate with Class 6
Explaining the background to the story
Nazis ordered Jews to wear a yellow star
Peter played button football
Button football pieces
Peter's father saved British £5 notes

Class 6 went Carol Singing at St. John's Park

Our Visit to RAF Cosford - WW1, WW2 and the Science of Flight