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Welcome to Class 5



We are so pleased to be able to welcome you all back to Class 5 - we have missed you!


We are very proud of how hard you have worked with your Home Learning over this lockdown period, but we are pleased to be able to see you in school and resume more normal lessons now.

Our timetable will carry on as last term, and we know that you will continue to be really sensible with the safety measures in place throughout the school.



Class 5 is a lovely place to be, it's a place where we work together as a team because we know and believe that Together Everyone Achieves More! The work may be challenging at times as expectations increase as we grow through the school, but it will be fun and rewarding too. We will all work hard and learn many interesting and useful things over the year. Maths and English continue to be taught in the mornings, whilst other subjects are taught by our wonderful team of specialist teachers in the afternoons. A full overview of what we will cover this term and our class timetable can be found below.


We are excited about the learning journey ahead and look forward to you fulfilling your place in our Class 5 team.


Mrs Marlow and Mrs Vaughan


Outdoor Drama - Macbeth!

For History, whilst learning from home, Class 5 have been finding out about the History of Aircraft and how the early inventors looked to kites for inspiration (February 2021).

For History, while learning at home, Class 5 have been finding out about how the Aztecs demanded tribute such as shields from defeated tribes.

For History, whilst self isolating, Class 5 have followed a recipe to make an Aztec chocolate drink. The drink received mixed reviews (December 2020)!

For History, whilst self isolating, Class 5 created models to demonstrate how the Aztecs used mats woven from reeds to expand their island (November 2020).

Beethoven's 250th - To celebrate Beethoven's birthday this term, KS2 children have been listening to his music and interpreting it expressively through art.

For History, whilst learning from home, Class 5 have been finding out about the pulley used by the Wright Brothers to give the Wright flyer extra power (June 2020)

Lets go fly a kite! For History and whilst learning from home, Class 5 have been finding out about history of aircraft. Early inventors looked to kites to find out how to design and fit aircraft wings. Class 5 have followed in their footsteps, creating paper kites and watching them fly! (June 2020)

Creating Aztec Masks! February 2020

Let Battle Commence - Times Table Rockstars Challenge

Testing Instructions for Uniblock Toys and Games

"Hall Of Mirrors" Coordinates Activity

Class 5 pupils present "How The Grinch Stole Christmas", their Christmas assembly for 2019.

Class 5 enjoying a fun and interesting Stone Age day in Upper Sitch Wood, Staffordshire (October 2019).

Previously in Class 5...

Class 5 had a fabulous Geography/Science trip to Carding Mill Valley. Amongst other things, we measured the depth and width of the river and rate of flow, looking at the effects of erosion. We also carried out an investigation into the creatures living in the river, collecting and identifying a wide range of species.

Class 5 enjoyed a very busy and interactive morning at SJT exploring many aspects of Science! (March 2019)

Performance Poetry Rehearsals

Exploring Chord Sequences in Music

Testing Uniblock Toy Instructions

Creating "performance art" at the Tate Liverpool!

Class 5 has been to Royal Air Force Museum, Cosford to find out more about the history of aeroplanes. They also took part in a workshop on the role of aeroplanes during World War 1, dressed as pilots and handled artefacts.

The history of flight.

During their History lessons, Class 5 children have been finding out about how designing and and making kites helped the Wright brothers design an aeroplane.