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Welcome to Class 4!

Welcome back Year 4! 


I trust you have all had a wonderful break and are now ready and eager to learn. 


In English this term, we will be focussing on the classic novel, The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe.  For a more detailed look at the curriculum, please see the attached Curriculum Overview, which includes homework days and expectations. The timetable remains the same, with weekly spelling and times tables tests taking place on a Thursday afternoon.


May I take this opportunity to express my gratitude to all children and parents for their continued effort and support and remind you that my door is always open. 


Keep smiling and 'Having a go!'


Mrs. Hughes






Class 4 Timetable 

Curriculum Overviews 2021-22

18th February 2022 - English 

What a perfect way to spend the last day before half term - a visit from two baby rabbits, Poppy Hoppy and Bella Robin!  We used the visit to ask lots of questions so we can write an instructional leaflet on caring for animals.  All children and animals were perfectly behaved (and so was Mrs. Hughes!smiley)  

Internet Safety Day 8th February 2022


Year 3 and 4 worked together to discuss how to stay safe when gaming online. 

Maths - January 2022

Well-being walk - Whixall Moss - October 2021

Playing with peat...

Stuck in the mud...

Finding Nature...

Matching colours in nature...

Listening to Nature...

Maths - Problem Solving using our times tables - September 2021

Previously, in Year 4...

Well-being Day at Weston Park - Fresh air, exercise, exploring, team building...

Fun in the Sun - Action Shots - Sports Day 2021!

We hope you enjoy our Easter celebration performance! Please check your email for the link to the video.

Whilst learning at home, for History, Class 4 have been using sources of evidence to find out about the Viking god, Thor and their imaginations to decide what he might have looked like.

In our Science lessons, we have been learning about the digestive system in humans. We thought we would have a go making it out of play dough! (December 2020)

During History lessons, Class 4 have been learning how we can use cave paintings to find out about the Stone Age (September 2020).

Beethoven's 250th - To celebrate Beethoven's birthday this term, KS2 children have been listening to his music and interpreting it expressively through art.

For History, whilst learning from home, Class 4 have been finding out all about Viking ships (June 2020).

For History, whilst working from home, Class 4 have been researching the Viking myths and retelling them in imaginative ways (May2020).

Whilst learning at home, for History, Class 4 have been finding out about Thor, the Viking god. They have studied the sources and decided what they think he might have looked like (April 2020).

February 2020 - Composing our own comprehensions


We decided we would challenge ourselves and create our own comprehensions for others in the class.  We had great fun sharing our work and everyone was great at answering our literal and inference questions! 

Maths Fun - Equivalent Fractions


We investigated equivalent fractions and used our knowledge of halves, quarters, eighths and sixteenths to create animals for our maths garden display.  Come and check them out on our Open Morning next half term! 

February 2020: In Science we have been looking at the Digestive system and have had a great time making models of it with play dough!

January 2020
Reading for pleasure - Year 4 & 5 enjoying listening to each other read.

We got right back into work this term, looking at persuasive language.  Some of us slipped into the ‘serpent’s skin’ and tried to tempt ‘Eve’ to eat the infamous apple.  Meanwhile, the other half tried to persuade her otherwise.  Which way will she go?

December 2019
This morning, we've spent our literacy lesson working together and following instructions to create these adorable snowmen.  
Communication, Co-operation and Christmas! 
Class 4 went back to the Palaeolithic era during their Stone Age day in Upper Sitch Wood, Staffordshire (October 2019). 

Maths - October 2019


We have been working hard and have successfully solved some pretty tricky multi-step maths problems in maths

Vikings Ahoy - February 2019

During History lessons, Class 4 are finding out about the Vikings.

Fun with Fractions - February 2019

We used lego to find equivalent fractions.  Once we had mastered this, we tested our knowledge using cake.  What a fun morning! 

Awesome Alliteration - January 2019


In English, we composed animal poems using alliteration.  We used our dictionary skills to improve our vocabulary.  

During their History lesson, Class 4  investigated how Neolithic people managed to build Stonehenge (October 2018).

In maths, we have been looking at more exciting ways to learn our times tables. We evented a game called ‘Bunny Maths’ and had great fun hopping around the classroom, collecting bundles of carrots. We challenged ourselves to see how many questions we could answer in 1 minute.



We have also been looking at more complicated multiplication. In Year 4, we think it is very important to be able to explain our thinking, so Mrs Hughes decided to it was time to take a back seat and let the class do the teaching! Everyone stepped up to the challenge and did an amazing job! Well done, Year 4!

September 2018


Friendship Advertisements


During our first week, we talked about the characteristics that make a good friend. We used our ideas to create a friendship advertisement. Can you work out which friend is which?

In Maths, we have been looking at place value of 4 digits numbers. We also used our class novel, The Iron Man, to fit in some extra measuring skills. We estimated that we could fit approximately 300 of us in the same space as the Iron Man's head, now, that's impressive!

Curriculum Overview Autumn 2018-19

Class 4 Timetable - Autumn 2018

Viking longboats made during History lessons set sail (June 2018).

Discovering what we already know about dragons

Discovery of dragon eggs!

Excitement continued today when we received a letter from the Museum of Strange Objects, asking us to keep a look out for dragon eggs. On our patrols around the school, to our amazement, we found not just one, not two, not three, but FOUR giant ones scattered around the playground. We used our senses to examine these closely and will be reporting back to the Museum of Strange Objects when we have completed our investigations. What an egg-citing day!

Class 4 Stone Age Day


Class 5 and Class 4 went to Upper Sitch Private Wood in Staffordshire to find out more about the Stone Age. Dan and Naomi told us all about their experiences living as Stone Age people in America. During the afternoon we made Stone Age tools and used natural materials to create our own cave art.