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Happy New Year!

Welcome back to school and the start of a new year. We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a good break from school and will look forward to hearing all about what everyone has been up to.


The Class 3 timetable stays the same as last term. To see a full breakdown of exactly what the children will be learning in each subject area please refer to the attached Spring Overview. As last term, English and Maths lessons will continue to be taught every morning and the foundation subjects in the afternoons. After half term Class 3 will be receiving homework on Mondays as well as Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.


We look forward to another happy and industrious term packed with lots of interesting and exciting things to learn about.


Miss Brickell

Spring Overview 2022

Online Safety Day - 8th February 2022

Class 3 have been learning about fractions with the help of some rather delicious chocolate cake! (February 2022)

During our History lesson, we found out about Ancient Egyptian mummification (November 2021) !

We had a wonderful Well being day at Whixall Moss this October.

Class 3 made self portraits to display in the classroom.

The children have been busy measuring with rulers, tape measures, metre rules and a trundle wheel.

In Drama this term we have been using facial expressions, gestures and movement linked to George's Marvellous Medicine.

Our Celtic day at Burwardsley Outdoor Education Centre, including a Roundhouse, making coil pots and bracelets, archery and archaeology (September 2021).

Previously in Class 3................

Weston Park Well-being Day

The children performed brilliantly today at Senior Sports Day. (June 2021) Don't forget to check your emails for the link to the full set of photographs.

Our Roman laurel wreaths

We hope you enjoy our Easter celebration performance! Please check your email for the link to the video.

We designed and made balloon-powered cars in D & T

Whilst unable to go to school, for History whilst learning at home, Class 3 have been making shields in preparation for gladiator school (February 2021)!

During their History lessons, Class 3 have been finding out all about Ancient Egyptian mummification.

We have been designing and making models of Ancient Egyptian shadufs in D & T lessons. Shadufs were used to raise water from the River Nile. We experimented with Lego models, then made both individual small models and a larger class shaduf.

Class 3 made some self portraits and wrote introductory paragraphs about themselves in speech bubbles. Can you recognise who is who on their finished display?

Here are Class 3 enjoying their Daily Mile

Class 3 have been performing a scene from George's Marvellous Medicine this half term. They focused on stage directions and acting using facial expressions and body language.

We designed, made and decorated our own papyrus in Design & Technology, to link with our Egyptian History topic.

Beethoven's 250th - To celebrate Beethoven's birthday this term, KS2 children have been listening to his music and interpreting it expressively through art.

Previously, in Class 3 ........

For Computing, whilst working from home, Class 3 have been using computers to create posters (June 2020).

For History, whilst working from home, Class 3 have been finding out about Roman gods and based on what the Romans said thinking about what Jupiter might have looked like June 2020.

Whilst working from home, Class 3 have been finding out all about gladiators and the weapons they carried (June 2020).

Whilst working from home, Class 3 have been finding out about Roman chariot races and imaginatively recreating a scene from a chariot race. (April 2020).

Class 3 History Trip to Wroxeter Roman City. (March 2020)

Class 3 had a lovely time on World Book Day by dressing up as some of their favourite  book characters and getting taught by the likes of Miss Trunchbull, Little Red Riding Hood and a couple of Hobbits!

Class 3 have been learning about fractions. With the help of a rather delicious tray bake they soon discovered that the bigger the denominator the smaller the piece!

Class 3 have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes. Here they are making symmetrical shapes with their bodies. (Dec 2019)

November 2019 : As part of our Science unit on Rocks and Fossils, Class 3 have had a marvelous time practising some of the skills of paleontologists!

Class 3 have been finding out about Egyptian mummification! (November 2019).

Class 3 children have been busy making self portraits for a class display. Once they had completed their self portraits, they added speech bubbles to introduce themselves.

Previously in Class 3 ....................

Class 3 have enjoyed visiting Wroxeter Roman City. We made Roman coins and spent time in the historic site and replica villa. (June 2019)

Class 3 children joined Class 6 on a fabulous trip to Techniquest. We were able to explore all kinds of fascinating Scientific phenomena! (March 2019)

On 'Safer Internet Day' Class 3 sat in groups to discuss some online scenarios and to decide the best way to deal with them.

Learning how to find lost items from the experts!

Class 3 made some symmetrical shapes with their bodies.

Class 3 have been busy measuring all sorts of things around the school.

Class 3 has been learning about the Egyptians and mummification!

Previously, in Class 3...

Class 3 presented a lively assembly about Music and how it makes us feel

Class 3 visit Wroxeter Roman City to find out more about the Romans (June 2018)

Class 3 visit the Exotic Zoo for fun and facts!

Decorating our faces like the Kayapo rainforest tribe.