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Welcome to Class 2!


We have had a wonderful few weeks being back at school again. The children have worked incredibly hard with their Home Learning but it has been super to work together in the classroom again. They have very quickly got used to the new routines and have been flourishing!


Mrs Lyth and Mrs Sumner





Our new class display - addition, number families, statements, questions and character descriptions. The children wanted to share their amazing work with you all!

Previously, in Class Two.....

Whilst learning at home, Class 2 have been finding out about Victorian school lessons and the punishments children were given. They have set up Victorian school lessons at home and made Dunce's caps for teddies and brothers that did not behave! (June 2020)

Whilst learning at home, for Computing, Class 2 have been using the Scratch website to create an animation. In keeping with our theme of hope that all will be well and soon we can return to school, Class 2 pupils have included a rainbow in their backdrops (April 2020).

Whilst learning at home, for History, Class 2 have been finding out about the Anderton Boat Lift, Northwich (April 2020).

Classes 1 & 2 enjoyed learning about the importance of keeping our personal information safe when using the internet. Safer Internet Day February 2020.

The children designed their own online profiles.
Making sure they didn't include any personal data.

As part of our whole school Well-Being Day, the children in Classes 1 & 2 made 'Courage Masks' and used the story 'The Wolf's Colourful Coat (Feel Brave Series)' to explore ideas of bravery. (February 2020).

Class 2 have been using sources to find out about and make a family tree of Queen Victoria's family (January 2020).

OBB and BOB - a fun and interactive game!

Class 2 presented an Assembly on Helping Others, using the story of the Little Red Hen. (November 2019).

Some of our Class Two children have been having some fraction fun! (May 2019)

Class 2 went to Burwardsley to learn  about the Celts. They went in a replica roundhouse, made a clay coil pot and excavated Celtic remains! We had a fabulous time. (March 2019)

Our class of budding Scientists have been investigating what bulbs need in order to germinate...We have observed and measured very carefully! (March 2019)

Our delightful Class 2 children captivated by World Book Day! (March 2019)

Class Two children have been learning all about measuring. They have enjoyed making a measurement version of the game 'Snap!' using key vocabulary and have used rulers and meter sticks to draw lines of different lengths. (March 2019)

A visit from the gorgeous working dogs brightened up our Friday morning! (February 2019)

Class 2 children have had a wonderful time designing and creating their Fairtrade logo paper plates for the Whitchurch Fairtrade competition. (February 2019)

Chinese New Year - making Chinese lanterns as part of our geography lesson.

Class Two children have been having great fun using the < , > and = symbols to compare numbers! (January 2019)

Learning to use chop-sticks in our geography lessons on China.