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Welcome to Class 1!



Happy New Year! I trust you had a wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to the new school term.  


In Class 1, the children follow a structured timetable, which allows the children to be taught by our highly qualified subject specialist teachers in the afternoons. During the morning sessions, Mathematics and Literacy are studied. As a school, we follow the National Curriculum in all subjects. A variety of activities and strategies to suit the different learning styles are used in order stimulate and engage all learners. 


The class timetable and an overview of the topics taught in the different subjects can be found by following the links below.   




Miss Stubbs

The children thoroughly enjoyed our Red Nose Day fundraiser, which was organised by Classes 5 & 6 (March 2022).

The children have been celebrating World Book Day - don't they look fabulous! (March 2022).

The children in Classes 1 & 2 have been learning how to stay safe online. They have created their own strong passwords and designed an avatar for the game ‘The Magic castle’ from the story ‘Digiduck and the Magic Castle’.

During our Maths lessons, the children have been completing practical work on halving. (January 2022)

Winter Art, using various techniques, materials and surfaces.

Merry Christmas from Class 1!

The children have been supporting 'Odd Sock Day' to raise money and awareness for Anti-Bullying Week (November 2021).

In Science this term, the children are learning about different species/families of animals. They particularly loved making "swirly reptiles".

As part of Computer Science, the children have been learning the importance of sequencing!

The children have been having fun carrying out a range of measuring activities at home, based on their classwork (November 2021).

Portraits using pencil and paint. (October 21)

The children had a wonderful time at Whixall Moss during our Well Being Day (October 21).

Class 1 have been very busy creating Treasure Island maps for the Beebots. They worked in groups to program and debug the programmable toys.

Our Celtic day at Burwardsley Outdoor Education Centre, including a Roundhouse, making coil pots and bracelets, archery and archaeology (September 2021).

Previously, in Class 1 ...

Maths - practising our measuring and problem solving skills! (July 2021)

In Art, Class 1 have been looking at Sunflowers by Van Gogh. The children used clay to design and make their own sunflowers. They used acrylic paints to decorate.

Design this term has been making and designing lunchboxes. We then put up a tent together to enjoy a picnic in the sunshine.

The children thoroughly enjoyed our whole school 'Well Being Day' at Weston Park (June 2021).

The children have been learning how to divide by sharing. (June 2021)

There children performed brilliantly today at Junior Sports Day. (June 2021) Don't forget to check your emails for the link to the full set of photographs.

The children applied their knowledge of 3D shapes on our shape hunt today (June 2021).

Well done for completing the White House School Sports Running Challenge - a fantastic achievement!

The children have been sequencing the story 'Handa's Surprise' (April 2021).



We hope you enjoy our Easter celebration performance! Please check your email for the link to the video.

The children showed their support for Comic Relief by wearing red, raising £220 (March 2021).

For History, whilst learning at home or at school, Class 1 have been finding out about how the Celts made their clothes (February 2021).

The Three Little Pigs' house needs repairing! During Design Technology this term Class 1 have been planning, building and mending a house for the Three Little Pigs (December 2020).

Let's go fly a kite! During their History lessons, Class 1 have been finding out about how the Wright Brothers looked to kites for inspirations when inventing the aeroplane (November 2020).

Habitat day - the children loved making the mini beast mansion and we have already spotted our first minibeast! Massive thank you to all parents and to Trees for Shropshire! (October 2020)

In our Maths lessons we have been comparing mass. We used the bucket balances to see which puppies were heavier and lighter. (October 2020)

Windsocks on a windy day! (September 2020)

During History lessons, Class 1 are finding out about old toys. They have told us all about toys they have at home that belonged to parents, grandparents and great grandparents! September 2020

The children have been learning all about 2D and 3D shapes. They changed a 2D circle into a 3D cone and decorated them with lots of maths facts! (July 2020)

It is wonderful to have Class 1 back in school for the rest of the Summer term. The children have settled into the new routines and it is an absolute joy to be teaching in the classroom again! (8th June 2020)

A little glimpse of some of the maths activities Class 1 children have been enjoying over the past few weeks - measuring, work on arrays, halves and quarters. (June 2020)

Unfortunately, some of the teddies did not behave as they should during their Victorian school lessons, a couple of weeks ago. Whilst learning at home last week, Class 1 pupils made Dunce's caps for their teddies to wear! (June 202)

For their Science home learning, the children have made rain gauges to record and analyse data, made birds nests and rainbows. They have also been studying the life cycles of butterflies and frogs - some children have even got the real things! (May 2020).

Whilst learning at home, for History, Class 1 have been finding out about Victorian schools. They have set up Victorian classrooms. The teachers are very strict! (May 2020)

Whilst learning at home, for History, Class 1 have been finding out about the Anderton Boat Lift, near Northwich (April 2020)