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Welcome to Class 1!



Welcome to the start of the new academic year. We are looking forward to getting to know the children in Class 1, helping them to develop their interests and succeed in all aspects of the curriculum.


In Class 1 the children follow a structured timetable, which allows the children to be taught by our wonderful subject specialist teachers in the afternoons. During the morning sessions Mathematics and Literacy are studied. As a school, we follow the National Curriculum (NC) in all subjects. A variety of activities and strategies to suit the different learning styles are used in order stimulate and engage all learners.


An overview of the different subjects and topics taught in Class 1 can be found by following the link below.


Miss Stubbs & Mrs Paton.

Windsocks on a windy day!

During History lessons, Class 1 are finding out about old toys. They have told us all about toys they have at home that belonged to parents, grandparents and great grandparents! September 2020

Previously, in Class 1 ....... 

The children have been learning all about 2D and 3D shapes. They changed a 2D circle into a 3D cone and decorated them with lots of maths facts! (July 2020)

It is wonderful to have Class 1 back in school for the rest of the Summer term. The children have settled into the new routines and it is an absolute joy to be teaching in the classroom again! (8th June 2020)

A little glimpse of some of the maths activities Class 1 children have been enjoying over the past few weeks - measuring, work on arrays, halves and quarters. (June 2020)

Unfortunately, some of the teddies did not behave as they should during their Victorian school lessons, a couple of weeks ago. Whilst learning at home last week, Class 1 pupils made Dunce's caps for their teddies to wear! (June 202)

For their Science home learning, the children have made rain gauges to record and analyse data, made birds nests and rainbows. They have also been studying the life cycles of butterflies and frogs - some children have even got the real things! (May 2020).

Whilst learning at home, for History, Class 1 have been finding out about Victorian schools. They have set up Victorian classrooms. The teachers are very strict! (May 2020)

Whilst learning at home, for History, Class 1 have been finding out about the Anderton Boat Lift, near Northwich (April 2020)

Class 1 had an enjoyable morning learning about Persian traditions and stories to coincide with Persian New Year. Thank you to our wonderful parent volunteer. (March 2020).

In our assemblies we have been thinking about Fairtrade Fortnight and some of the children in Class 1 have taken part in a Fairtrade Scavenger Hunt. (March 2020).

The children looked fantastic in their World Book day costumes. (March 2020).

Classes 1 & 2 enjoyed learning about the importance of keeping our personal information safe when using the internet. Safer Internet Day February 2020.

The children designed their own online profiles.
Making sure they didn't include any personal data.

As part of our whole school Well-Being Day, the children in Classes 1 & 2 made 'Courage Masks' and used the story 'The Wolf's Colourful Coat (Feel Brave Series)' to explore ideas of bravery. (February 2020).

Our fantastic children did an amazing performance for their assembly all about 'Chinese New Year'. (January 2020).

The children had a wonderful morning learning about some Russian Traditional Tales. Thank you to our parent volunteer who translated and read the stories to the class (January 2020).

The children have been making angels for the St John's Church Christmas Tree Festival (November 2019).

The children have been learning to tell the time and have made their own clocks (November 2019).

The children have enjoyed using blocks, rulers, balances, beakers and stopwatches to compare and measure during our Maths lessons this week. (October 2019).

The children wore red to show their support for the 'Show Racism the Red Card' campaign. (October 2019)

Class 1 went with Reception to Weston Park to find out all about old toys (October 2019).

Investigating wind speed in our geography lesson! (October 2019)

As part of our assembly theme 'Reading and Writing', the children have brought in their favourite story books (September 2019).

The children performed wonderfully well in their Swimming Gala. (June 2019)

The children have been using role play to enhance their learning about paying for items and giving change. (May 2019).

Class 1 had a fun and educational time at Chester Zoo (May 2019).

Class 1 are now learning about Boudicca during their History lessons and have enjoyed finding pictures of her. (May 2019).

Class 1 visit to Burwardsley to find out more about the Celts. (March 2019)

The children enjoyed dressing up as their favourite characters to celebrate World Book Day (March 2019).

The children in Class 1 have been making their Fairtrade logo plates for the Whitchurch Fairtrade competition. Come along to Whitchurch Civic Centre during Fairtrade fortnight to see all of the entries. (February 2019).

Safer Internet Day (February 5th 2019).

Our assembly on making choices online.
Good choices were written on green handprints.....
choices we need to check on red handprints.
Our finished ideas.
As part of our Literacy work the children in Class 1 have been looking at the story of 'Jack and the Beanstalk'. In their drama lessons the children have acted out their own versions of the story. Can you name the characters the children are portraying in the photographs? (January 2019)
The children wrote about their feelings.
They made stress balls.....
.... and snow globes.
Please see the 'Gallery' for more pictures from our Well-Being Day.

Class 1 has been to Royal Air Force Museum, Cosford to find out about the history of aeroplanes. (November 2018).

In our Science lessons we have been thinking about seasonal changes and how animals and plants survive. We explored how some animals adapt, some hibernate and some migrate. We made finger puppets of migrating swallows and loved designing our own migrating birds! (November 2018).

Let's go fly a kite    (October 2018).

During their History lessons, Class 1 children have been finding out about how designing and making kites helped the Wright brothers to design an aeroplane. 

  (September 2018).


The children in Class 1 have been studying the story, 'Oliver's Vegetables'. In lesson they have been sorting and ordering the different vegetables that Oliver ate on each day.  

All about 'Instructions' (June 2018).

In English we have been looking at 'Instructions".
We have followed instructions to make badges.

In Science we have been investigating what seeds need to grow well. We planted some cress seeds and placed them in different conditions for a week. Some had water and light, some were placed in a dark place and some had no water. We were curious to see what happened! As we had predicted the seeds that grew best had both water and light (May 2018).

During our History lessons we have been learning about Florence Nightingale. We have made lamps and dressed up as doctors and nurses from the past and present (May 2018).

As part of our work on shapes the children in Class 1 have made some super ‘maths hats’ (May 2018).

The prize winners chosen by Mrs Clarke

This week in our maths sessions the children in Class 1 have been joining in with the song 'The Singing Walrus' to count in 5s and have applied this knowledge to learn their 5 times tables (April 2018) .

Classes 1 and 2 went to Blists Hill Victorian Town. They dressed up  and enjoyed a Victorian school lesson. After lunch both classes learnt about primary colours and successfully tried candle dipping. Everybody took home a rainbow candle.

The children in Class 1 had an enjoyable and very educational morning at The Exotic Zoo.

Author Emma Blantern enthralled the children with her book reading and workshop session.