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Welcome to Kindergarten!


Foundation Stage Teacher

Mrs S Smith


Teaching Assistants

Mrs H Buckingham and Miss C Roberts


All Reception staff are happy to discuss your child's progress and welfare at any time.


Kindergarten is where most children begin their journey at The White House School.  Here pupils are encouraged to learn and develop through planned, purposeful play and through a mix of adult-led and child-initiated activities.  Staff ensure that all seven areas of learning and development are covered (current EYFS requirements) and that each pupil's progress is regularly assessed and recorded in an individual and personal Learning Journal. The website will be regularly updated to keep you informed of what your children are doing.


This year Kindergarten will form part of the Foundation Stage Unit where they will work closely alongside Reception. Much of the learning is organised around themes or topics.All Foundation Stage children will follow the same topics and there will be times of the day where activities will be mixed alongside times that are dedicated to activities specific to the age and needs of different groups of children. 


The Foundation Stage are included in many whole-school activities, such as Language Week, the Christmas Nativity Play, Sports Day or even visits from touring theatre companies.


The children are given regular outdoor playtime and have their own store of outdoor toys as well as being able to enjoy the gym facilities in the school hall.


All Kindergarten children are offered free school milk and may bring a piece of fruit for their snack.


We hope your child has an enjoyable year in Kindergarten.





Welcome to Kindergarten!


Our main topic this term will be 'Journeys'. In addition to these, our mini-topics will include 'Harvest and Autumn',

'People Who Help Us', and 'Christmas'.



Someone bought their pet tortoises in for 'Show and Tell'.



During our topic on 'People Who Help Us', we talked about how we can keep ourselves safe when we are near a road.




We enjoyed making vegetable soup at Harvest time.