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Class 5

Welcome to Class 5!



Congratulations on reaching Class 5! You should be proud that you have come so far....BUT....be prepared for some challenging work ahead (and hopefully lots of fun along the way too)!


I would like you to remember the following four points:


Try your very best (and produce work that you can be proud of)

Never give up when the going gets tough (we have all had difficulties with learning at times).

Ask for help if needed (and keep asking if necessary).

Have respect for yourself, your classmates and everyone else in the school community.


Let's have a great year!


Mr G




We will be following a broadly similar format in both Maths and English. The year will be divided into three main parts, roughly corresponding to the three terms. However, these boundaries will not be fixed, allowing for some creative "adventures" or "diversions" along the way!


In both subjects, the first part of the year will involve revisiting, consolidating and honing the basics, as well as introducing and practising new concepts.

During the second part of the year, we will focus on extending and applying the basic skills in each subject.

The final part of the year will focus on exam preparation, projects/challenges and reviewing weaker topics or concepts.


I would recommend the CGP range of textbooks relating to English and Maths in Year 5 (and at Key Stage 2 in general). These are relatively inexpensive and can be purchased from the CGP Books website. Usborne also publish some useful reference material (Maths dictionaries, for example), and there is no shortage of books available from retailers.


Finally, a couple of Maths websites where parents can find/design and print off extra worksheets are www.worksheetworks.com and www.math-drills.com. Both are US sites, but useful nonetheless. In particular, I have frequently used www.worksheetworks.com to generate randomised worksheets for basic skills practice and speed tests. If you wish to do this at home, there is always an option to include an answer sheet, so it is easy to check your child's work!

Class 5 has been to Royal Air Force Museum, Cosford to find out more about the history of aeroplanes. They also took part in a workshop on the role of aeroplanes during World War 1, dressed as pilots and handled artefacts.

The history of flight.

During their History lessons, Class 5 children have been finding out about how designing and and making kites helped the Wright brothers design an aeroplane. 

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